How often should i have my ductwork inspected during an hvac repair job?

Depending on your area and the age of your HVAC system, inspections should be scheduled annually or semiannually. Mild climates won't be as harsh on your HVAC units, so annual inspections are sufficient to ensure proper operation. Climates with extreme temperatures will make the system work more strongly. It is recommended that each individual unit be inspected at least once a year.

For the best service experience, HVAC professionals should inspect the heater in the fall. This ensures that you are prepared for winter and, if the cooling system is inspected in spring, it is confirmed that it can withstand the summer heat. If your air conditioner and ducts weren't inspected last spring, request an inspection soon. Any signs of damage or deterioration can be repaired immediately.

The industry recommendation is to clean building ducts every two years; however, this may vary by industry. Everything related to carpentry or construction, many textiles, the kitchen or even animals need more regular cleaning. The environment and climate in which your company is located can also be a factor. Routine and thorough inspections are some of the most valuable parts of maintaining your air conditioning system.

Inspections must be carried out twice a year. The change of season is often the best reminder to inspect and repair your air conditioning system. When was the last time you scheduled the maintenance of your home's heating, ventilation and air conditioning system? All HVAC systems require regular maintenance, some types more than others. HVAC systems must be inspected, cleaned, and repaired at least twice a year to continue operating efficiently.

If you want to extend the life of your HVAC system and reduce your energy costs, call the HVAC maintenance experts at Energy Saving Pros. However, how often you schedule your maintenance session is more important than when you do it. Once a year, have your HVAC systems inspected by a professional. If you have a typical central air conditioner or boiler, you should check each of these equipment once a year.

If you have a heat pump system that you use year-round, this service should be scheduled every six months. Energy Saving Pros offers HVAC maintenance contracts and repairs to keep your system in optimal operating condition. Proper air circulation for your HVAC system is called ventilation, and it's something you should discuss with your HVAC specialist during new installations and periodic maintenance. So, if you need your air conditioning, heating, or ventilation system repaired and you haven't done so this year, contact an HVAC repair professional in Kennesaw right away.