What are the most common problems with heat pumps and furnaces?

Solving heat pump problems: Blowing cold air in heating mode, heat pump running constantly in moderate climates, the outdoor unit is locked, the outdoor unit is frozen, the indoor air controller fan does not activate. If there isn't enough air circulating through the coils, they get too cold and freeze. Once the coils freeze, they cannot be properly heated or cooled, causing an ice layer to form on the outdoor unit. We have the skills to correctly solve moderate to severe heat pump problems the first time.

We know how important it is to get the system back up and running in the middle of summer. Call us by phone at (48) 206-8594 or book an appointment online for help with a heat pump problem. WM Henderson also offers other HVAC services to Pennsylvania homes, such as furnace installation, air conditioning repair, ductless minisplit replacement and furnace repair. We offer heating and cooling services in areas of Pennsylvania, including Conshohocken, Coatesville, West Chester and Broomall.

Over time, the coils and the fan of the heat pump can become dirty and prevent heat from emanating. You should clean the coils, filters, and fans regularly (monthly for the filters, every eight to 12 weeks for the coils and the fan). Regular heat pump maintenance should be scheduled at least once a year.